ZBAD Tennis Player Reaches Junior Open Finals

This summer Stetson and his parents, along with his tennis coach David, came to us wanting to improve his strength and conditioning. After an initial assessment we were able to put together a program for him which, integrated with his tennis training, worked on strength, conditioning, overall body stabilization, coordination, speed, agility, and flexibility. This program was based on his short and long term goals and was developed after analyzing his training routine, past results, and current competition schedule.

Beyond the physical training, we have made sure to incorporate opportunities for psychological development (commitment, self-confidence, perseverance, discipline, and focus) into his training process. We also address his nutritional and recovery needs and stress levels.

Here is some of the training Stetson is doing with us.

ZB athlete reaches tennis open junior finalsAfter several months of hard and focused training, Stetson, age 14, advanced to the finals of the 16 and under boys in the Cerritos Labor Day Junior Open tournament. His coach and parents commented:

“We are so happy with Stetson’s progress over the past few months. He has always had beautiful strokes in tennis but could never quite break through and win matches. After training just a few months with ZB Athletic Development, Stetson is more productive in his tennis training and winning matches!!”

Congrats Stetson, the best is yet to come!