Training I Trust and Believe In…

“Zenon has been providing me with outstanding coaching for many years now. With his guidance and expertise I have been able to excel not only at the national level in my age group but at the state level I am extremely competitive against all age groups. I know that it’s through Zenon’s coaching, always having the big picture in mind and keying in on my ‘A’ races all the while knowing what combination of hard work and rest produces the best result for me.

“Some of my accomplishments are :

  • National Championship titles in mountain biking
  • consistent podium finishes at Masters Road Nationals
  • hold record at the state level the Fireweed 100 and 50-mile races, Alaska’s premier distance time trial
  • hold 12 of the 16 records in our state’s hill climb and time trial races
  • top 10 finishes in Mount Marathon, a world-renowned mountain running race
  • finish consistently in the top 3-5 in our states mountain running races

“None of these things would be possible without my confidence in Zenon’s ability to provide me with training that I trust and believe in.”

U.S. National Champion & Renowned Multisport Athlete
Master’s World Championship Medalist