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Whatever sport you are involved in, it is essential that you follow a training program that provides an individualized, progressive, and developmentally appropriate programming.

Your programming will start with the development of strength, speed, endurance and mobility to build an overall well-developed body less prone to injuries and capable of carrying specific training loads. From here we will focus on the improvement of these abilities as needed to match the demands of your sport.

For many individual sports, we can offer a full training program including sport-specific training.


  • Supplemental Programming
    Individualized programming, which focuses on the general development of abilities (speed, strength, endurance, coordination, flexibility) needed for  your sports specific performance.
  • Full Programming for individual sports
    Individualized and progressive programming based on your goals and competition schedule, including all aspects of your training process from the preparatory (general) through specialized (competitions) stages and to direct preparation for your main event (peaking).


A minimum 3 month commitment is required for all programs.

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