I Could Not Recommend Anyone More Highly Than Zenon

David Costa

#1 Ranked Junior Tennis Player in Spain
2-time European Junior Champion in Tennis
Coach of ATP World Champion Doubles Team

“I was previously a number one ranked junior tennis player in Spain and have coached and played tennis from the junior level to the professional level. The one thing that makes the difference between good and great in tennis is the level of fitness.

“I am currently coaching a highly ranked junior tennis player and have been working with Zenon to improve my player’s strength and conditioning.

“Zenon took the time to test my player, evaluating his strengths and weaknesses, and used that information to put together a long-term training program. He continually reevaluates and adjust his program based upon his tournament schedule and progress, while always keeping me up to date on his strengths and weaknesses. This has helped me tremendously as a coach. It allows me to concentrate on coaching tennis, leaving the strength and conditioning to Zenon.

“Since working with Zenon, I have seen tremendous improvement in my player’s strength and conditioning. This has directly translated to improved workouts on the court as well as improved results in competition.

“As a coach, I could not recommend anyone more highly than I recommend Zenon.”